Male Impotence and the Factors That Cause it

One of the most terrible problems for any man is impotence. The state of the male body, in which there is no sexual arousal and erection, is a consequence of a particular body problem.

Most of today’s men still think that impotence is an age-related problem that worries only in old age.

But medicine claims that over the past 15 years, this disease has significantly “grown younger” and now occurs even in young men under the age of 30. Causes that can provoke sexual dysfunction:

– Hormonal disbalance;
– Lack of normal intimate life;
– Disturbance of blood circulation;
– Lack of testosterone;
– Consequences of physical injuries and bruises in the groin;
– Absence of psychological arousal;
– Incorrect lifestyle, low physical activity;
– The use of harmful food, smoking, drugs, alcohol.

To get rid of this problem or not to admit it into your life, you need to regularly exercise, give up bad habits, sleep well and often have sex. This will help you to restore normal sexual activity in record time.

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