Madonna appeared on stage in a state of intoxication

1901162Cult singer Madonna the other day the other day again become a party to the next scandal.

We are all accustomed to the fact that the singer is constantly shocking the audience, but this time it was much more banal. The last concert of Madonna in Kentucky became a real scandal. The fact is that the singer came on stage drunk.

The incident took place in Louisville where the presentation took place of the star. According to fans of Madonna, who came to the concert, her behavior was very bad. Apart from the fact that the singer was late for his speech at 3:00, so also appeared on stage in a state of intoxication. As they say fans, Madonna behaved completely inappropriately, tottered on the stage and several times almost fell. Initially, this course of events to entertain the audience, and they thought it was part of the performance flamboyant singer. However, when everyone realized that Madonna is really drunk, there’s really beginning to resent the public. This is understandable, because people pay big money to go to a concert performer. On top of that, it has become a parody of Madonna local residents of the focus than just increased the outrage present at the concert audience.