Liza Minnelli can not cope with depression

1104167The prolonged depression in Liza Minnelli did not give rest to her family and friends.

Hollywood Legend lately is rather secluded life and seldom communicate even with his family. According to relatives, she did not manage to overcome severe depression. tabloids recently told that the singer has sold his luxury apartment in the heart of New York City and moved to Los Angeles. It is noteworthy that the new place she did not buy the property, but simply removed the rental house and hired a great number of attendants.

Recall that Liza Minnelli for several years trying to recover from drug addiction. At the same time, the actress spoke openly about the problem, so as not to give unnecessary cause for rumors and speculation. Nevertheless, close to the singer say that perhaps she was tired to deal with this problem and went into a protracted depression. According to them, now it is the moral condition is very severe, she rarely speaks to someone and do not prefer one once claimed that completely lost interest in his own life.

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