Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time made a selfie

270420161It seems the entire 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio decided to turn to the destruction of their own stereotypes.

That year, he has already managed to get the most important and the most coveted film award in my life “Oscar”, but decided it did not stop there. It is well known that Leonardo DiCaprio never done before selfie, and even when he is asked about the fans, he always found a reason to refuse. However, recently a significant event happened – the actor has decided to do away with its prohibitions and finally made the first of his life selfie.

It is noteworthy that the photo was taken as an ambassador for peace UNPO, which is Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor recently spoke at a conference concerning the agreement on climate security in the world and made the first selfie. Naturally, the picture immediately became the main trend of social networks and spread through all the world’s media.