Kunis and Kutcher is on the verge of a divorce?

Kunis and Kutcher is on the verge of a divorce?This pair is called one of the most beautiful and vivid acting couples in Hollywood.

Russian-born actress Mila Kunis and her husband, actor Ashton Kutcher has not left the main strip leading tabloids and magazines. However, the latest news from the star of the family is not very good. According to some insiders, family life Mila and Ashton is far from an ideal relationship. In particular, at the moment both spouses supposedly on the verge of divorce. Mila, who recently gave birth to a daughter, already tired of parenting and household chores. As for Ashton, it kind of bugged wife constant scandals and jealousy.

According to close to the family, Mila and Ashton began to quarrel frequently and after each quarrel hem may not communicate with each other. “Milan wants to star in a movie again. She was tired of the fate of a housewife. Ashton And against this, because it believes that if the wife will no longer devote sufficient time to their daughter “- said the insider.

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