Kiwi is Good for the Cardiovascular System

3011163Nowadays there is a wide variety of exotic fruits, but not all of their useful properties are well known.

One is kiwi, which contains vitamin C is much larger than any other citrus fruits. Therefore, at the time of colds such fruit should be included in the daily diet.

Moreover, scientists have proved that it has a positive effect on the work of the heart of the system, so eating one kiwi fruit a day, you reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%. Also, it has properties that increase the amount of oxygen supply to the brain, thereby increasing its efficiency and reducing the probability of occurrence of arteriosclerosis.

Apart from the fact that the kiwi improves metabolism, it also lowers blood pressure. Doctors have proved that this fruit is able to burn fat, so people who are watching their weight should eat it as often as possible.

Use kiwi can, both in its original form and as an additive in a variety of salads, and it goes well with meat and fish dishes.