Kim Kardashian shocked fans with his new face

2501161Kim Kardashian has posted on his official page on Instagram a series of photographs with her sisters.

At first glance, this news does not bode no sensation. The photos were taken in one of the bathrooms of the club – such self do almost all the stars of show business and just fashionable girl. However, fans of Kim noticed how much has changed the face of Centerfolds this photo.

It should be noted that the girl’s face in the photo was really completely different. Another form of the lips and nose created a furor among fans. And they were divided into two categories – one reacted positively to the changes, but others were quick to blame Kim Kardashian in a failed plastic surgery.

For example, one of the subscribers in general stated that he believes in the family Kardashian just normal sisters Kendall and Courtney, because they always look natural. But the defender of the girls began to write, that after giving birth, many women change their appearance, because in the course of pregnancy overweight.