Kim Kardashian is accused of unnatural pictures

Kim Kardashian is accused of unnatural picturesOn the official public servers Kim Kardashian on the social networks in the past few days is quite an active discussion of the latest photos of the model.

In particular, the Internet, users blame the girl in that picture that she puts in Instagram, have been pretty serious processing in Photoshop and do not reflect the true appearance of the girl.

Recall that at the moment Kim Kardashian is nine months pregnant and very soon to give birth. Due to the inability to conduct a photo shoot because of his position, the model puts on his official page on the social networks archival photographs. Fans Kim Kardashian suspected it to process your photos. In particular, the figure of a girl on the last picture looks much thinner than in normal life. In addition, on the face of imposed rather serious retouching in Photoshop, because of what the pictures do not look natural.