Kim Kardashian called her mother a thief

2701162Scandals in the family Kardashian seems to happen almost constantly.

Few people can understand what motivated this behavior of all members of that family. Some believe that this is another PR, while others called the Kardashian family crazy. Kim Kardashian, in a reality show very often creates a stir almost out of the blue. For example, in the last series she called her mom a thief.

In particular, in one of the episodes of “Kardashian family” cover girl tells her mother stolen from the house of expensive marble tiles from the gold that Kim allegedly ordered a bath. As a result, according to Kim Kardashian, she began to demand for this tile 1 million dollars from his mother.

Recall that Kim Kardashian has repeatedly accuses that it tries to get all the material benefit. According to media reports, the model even bargain for pictures of her newborn son with a variety of fashion magazines, but someone managed to take a picture of the child and put these photos online for free.