Jolie spoke about the sex scenes with Pitt

Jolie spoke about the sex scenes with PittYou’re just a little bit before the premiere of the film “Riviera” in which the director and the performer of the title role is a Angelina Jolie, and a second major role is played by her husband Brad Pitt.

In particular, throughout the process of filming there were a lot of rumors that the star spouse is very difficult to live on one set, so they often quarreled. However, when the picture is filmed and is ready to show, Angelina has decided to give a great interview and talk about all the details of the shooting.

Particular attention is paid actress story about filming sex scenes. In particular, Angelina admitted that she be both an actress and director in the sex scenes was pretty unusual. “Just imagine, I had to lie down completely naked in the bathroom, but in the hands hold the tablet, which displays the whole panorama shooting scene. Not far from me is nonsense that I have to order and come to me to have sex with me”- said Jolie.
Also, the actress added that shoot sex scenes with a man who is your sexual partner in real life is much more complicated.

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