Jennifer Lopez does not like her figure

0404161The famous singer and pop star Jennifer Lopez has recently admitted that it does not suit its own figure.

In particular, according to the singer, she is terribly complex. And this despite the fact that recently she was awarded the title of the sexiest women in the world. Surprisingly, this is the first award in the life of J. Lo, which is connected directly with her appearance.

While fans of the singer does not cease to extol her figure and curvy shape, Jennifer herself admits that is not considered his own body ideal. In particular, appeared on talk shows Whoopi Goldberg, Lopez admitted that she has a complex about their appearance. In particular, the singer said that the photograph it seems that it is too stocky figure. For this reason, recently Jennifer tries not to look yourself in Instagram.

The singer admitted that she is constantly prevents abrupt change in weight. It is much thinner, is actively gaining weight and is suffering from this.

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