Jennifer Lawrence was acquitted for bad joke

Jennifer Lawrence was acquitted for bad jokeThe star of the series «The Hunger Games», the brilliant actress Jennifer Lawrence recently got into a nasty and funny situations.

Because of a bad joke, about the girl began to go bad rumors about non-compliance with basic rules of hygiene. In particular, the media spread the rumor that after using the toilet Lawrence does not wash his hands.

At first glance it may seem that it’s ridiculous. However, this reputation is very much the actress began to interfere, as many actors do not even want to play with her on the same site. Of course, this “glory” very quickly infuriated Jennifer Lawrence and she decided once and for all to resolve this issue.

In particular, on his page on the social networking actress admitted that her washing hands after using the toilet is a mandatory procedure, she never misses. Also, the star admitted that such an opinion of others was a real problem for her, and even caused a storm of negative emotions. Despite this, Jennifer Lawrence found the strength to explain all of this delicate situation and solve the problem.

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