Jennifer Garner started crying on cosmetic procedures

Jennifer Garner started crying on cosmetic proceduresBen Affleck’s wife, Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner was recently filmed a famous photographers of the magazine at a time when they visit a nail salon and worked correction toenails. Based on a series of photos, Jennifer initially came to the salon is very happy and cheerful. However, some time later, in the course of the procedure, the mood of the girl has changed dramatically, and in the end she just started crying. Most likely, the mood is spoiled actress pain of manicure and tears may have a completely different reason.

After suffering Jennifer Garner in the nail salon was finished, she went to the store and bought something for themselves. Find out what she bought, paparazzi and failed.

Recall that a few days ago in all the world’s tabloids began to actively discuss the news that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting a baby. All anything, but because of her husband’s infidelity couple Garner-Affleck is currently divorced, so the rumors about the pregnancy of Jennifer became a sensation. As it became known, Ben Affleck cheated on his wife with a nanny who cares for the children of the family.

Beauty is Hard Work Over Itself

Jennifer Garner has repeatedly said that the secret of her beauty is not a natural gift, but the result of hard and daily work on herself. In her microblog, the actress published pictures in which she presented all the people working on creating her image. In these publications appeared personal stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, beautician and many others. At the same time, Jennifer never allows himself the use of harmful food, regularly engages in sports and supports a healthy lifestyle.

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