Jealousy – This is Insecurity in Himself

What is jealousy? Each person, depending on the type of his temperament, will respond in different ways.

For some, jealousy is an indicator of how much a person is dear and synonymous with the word “strong love.”

But for the most part, jealous people, in fact, do not prove their love to the other half, but are afraid to lose it. From the point of view of psychology, jealousy is nothing more than a lack of self-confidence and one’s own strengths. When a girl begins to panic every step of her boyfriend, read his Facebook or SMS in the phone, she is not sure that the guy loves her.

If there is mutual sympathy, both partners are confident in themselves and in their close person, so the reasons for jealousy simply do not arise. In addition, it is jealousy that sometimes causes scandals and quarrels, stressful situations and many other problems. Definitely, you need to trust the person with whom you spend time together and who you love. He, in turn, should also exclude occasions for jealousy and prove to you his love.