Is Lady Kate is waiting for a third child?

1101167Not long ago, Middleton had a second child. Remember how all the English were waiting for this event. And what? It takes very little time and in the press there is information that Middleton is pregnant again. This post has excited the whole world, because the duchess said many times that she wanted to have a big family.

The news appeared in the press on the day after Christmas. There are suggestions that the whole family of the parents reported the news at dinner during the holiday. The prince is very happy event. It should be noted, is neither the duchess nor the Duke do not make any official statements on the matter. But if you believe the rumors, the various social events that attends the Duchess, she does not feel quite right. It was the same when she became pregnant for the first and second time. Well, what do we have to wait, this news will be confirmed or refuted.

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