In the Czech Republic the fisherman managed to catch two-meter catfish, which weighed almost 80 kg

13071610Each person has a favorite hobby, which he tries to devote all his spare time.

Among the representatives of the stronger sex, there are many hunters, but, at least, and those men who are addicted to fishing.

How many funny stories and anecdotes can be heard on the fishermen, who, trying to show off to friends his catch, the value considerably embellish them caught fish, unless of course, it was all caught.

But here, a fisherman from the Czech Republic was able to confirm catfish caught them by making a souvenir photo. The young man, who has been fishing for fifteen years, was able to catch and pull the catfish, the length of two hundred and three centimeters and a weight of nearly eighty kilograms.

This huge fish caught thirty-two-year fisherman allowed to beat his personal record, which the fisherman was achieved a year ago, when the weight of the caught catfish was one kg less. Despite many years of fishing experience, a man had to spend about three hours before he pulled the fish to the shore.

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