In Russia, it has appeared Kim Kardashian

1104163The network gaining popularity photos Russian girl that her figure is very similar to the famous Hollywood TV star Kim Kardashian.

It is worth noting that the 22-year-old Russian girl named Anastasia, just a few months was able to increase the number of its subscribers to Instagram to several hundred thousand.

The journalists managed to find out that she Nastia operates a model and lives in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation). The popularity of the Internet has come to the girl after she began to copy the image and the image of the famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian. It is noteworthy that Kim and Anastasia are similar not only in the style of clothing, but also on the figure. Nastia is also quite wide hips, which became the main trend after Kim Kardashian.

As the popularity of Russian “copies” Kim Kardashian is growing very quickly, very soon it could become a serious competitor to its prototype.

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