In Prague, instead of lawn mowers, lawn treated sheep and robots

22071610Every person who walks through the city streets, parks and squares, a special delight cause manicured lawns.

Their whole area, which is covered neatly tonsured grass, resembles a soft carpet on which I want to run barefoot. But to achieve such a result, it is necessary to work with the mower in his hand, putting a lot of effort.

In order to facilitate the work of municipal employees who carry out these works in the Czech Republic came up with a replacement. The point is that instead of technology, to produce a lawn to graze sheep and goats, which are eating grass, cope with work not worse than the mower. Also, there are used special robots that mow the grass in those hard to reach places where a person can not be reached. Very often, these herbivores can be found in Prague 4, where the grass on the lawns of grazing sheep destroyed. City Administration believes that this method of mowing, the most environmentally friendly and also in comparison with the lawn mower, required costs four times less.

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