In Prague, due to renovation work, will be temporarily closed three road tunnel

15071610When purchasing a car, a person does not consider it a luxury, but is a convenient means of transportation, on which you can get to work, to go to the store to shop, or at the weekend the whole family to go out of the city into the countryside.

Those car owners who every day go to work on a personal machine, have become accustomed to the same route, which is considered the most convenient. But sometimes it is necessary to change the scheme of motion, because, there are unforeseen circumstances.

Such discomfort can feel the residents of Prague, passing through road tunnels, of which three will be closed for repairs. From 23:00 hours Saturday until 5 am Sunday, closed Brusnitskaya Dejvicka and tunnels, and up to 19 of the current month, at the same time will close the passage through the tunnel Letensk?. Due to such circumstances, drivers of cars will have to choose a different route, going around these objects.

As stated by representatives of the organization, which is engaged in communications in Prague, this forced measure, because as in tunnels need to hold small repairs, but traffic does not allow it.

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