In Bulgaria, they want a referendum on the change of political system

1201201611Bulgaria plans to hold a referendum, according to which the political system of the country will be changed. Now, it has completed the collection of signatures of citizens who agree to its holding.

This referendum encompasses several issues that, to halve the number of deputies of the Bulgarian National Assembly (now the number of two hundred and forty people), as well as to introduce compulsory voting to every Bulgarian who has reached the age of majority, was able to attend and leave your vote in the election and referendums. During the referendum, it will also be put to a vote on the election office head of the regional Interior Ministry.

It is known that the collection of signatures for a referendum began in autumn last year, and only three months later, was completed. The main initiator of the group, which was engaged in collecting signatures, was a popular Bulgarian TV host Trifonov, who then headed the group. It is planned that the next one who will appear before the verification of signatures, will be employees of the administrative services of Bulgarian citizens.

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