How to Replace Coffee?

Fans of this fine and tonic drink very often underestimate the harm that excessive coffee can cause to health.

But as practice shows, even if you are a great connoisseur of coffee, but want to maintain your own health, you need to use certain recommendations for its use. Ideally, you should reduce the consumption of coffee to 1 cup per day.

If this dosage does not suit you and you can not resist the urge to drink a few more cups, then it is better to replace coffee with safer analogues. For example, you can dilute it with plenty of milk and make a latte or macchiato. In addition, today many manufacturers offer decaffeinated coffee, which does not create such a strain on the body. An ideal alternative to coffee can be ginger tea.

It also has invigorating properties, but does not contain caffeine and is more useful. In extreme cases, you can try to replace the day coffee with chicory. This product is also not as dangerous to the heart and nervous system.