How to Improve the Stomach In Case Overeating

3011165We all know that you need to eat right, because there is an incompatibility of products, which is why our stomach hard to recycle them, therefore, there are abdominal pain, heartburn.

Many nutritionists suggest to stick to separate nutrition, not to gain weight and constantly feel the lightness throughout the body.

However, there are such cases, usually the holidays, when we do not control the amount of food eaten, and even more so do not think about their compatibility, so often after such a feast felt heaviness in the stomach.

If this happened, it is best not to use a variety of pills and go for a walk, which will cause the stomach to work in full force, with the result that you get relief.

After overeating in any case is not recommended to go to bed, as the food will be processed for a long time, which can lead to its fermentation process. Therefore, it is best to eat food during the day at least five times, and the portions should be large.