How to Have Positive Emotions During Sex?


Most women often complain that sex does not cause them positive emotions and pleasure.

In fact, all the fault of the wrong approach to the process. Theoretically, 95% of women have all the chances to get the full pleasure of sex. Most often, it prevents misbehavior during intimacy or partner error.

For example, you should be sure to get an orgasm. No matter which way it is achieved – a natural process or clitoral stimulation using hands, but every sexual act must end with an orgasm. Even if you were not able to test it for the first time, it is bound to come in the near future.

Also, do not be afraid to trust your man and experiment. If he can not please you, help him do it, telling how you like and what you get the most satisfaction.

Open your secret desires and remember that freedom of action in sex – is the key to an enjoyable pleasure.

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