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Hi Dear reader. Today’s topic will be devoted to one of the most important organs in man. This organ is nothing more than a common remedy for urination. But without its use, in truth the real purpose, there would be no continuation of the human race. And yes, it should be noted that only men can use it. But when they use it for the purpose of nature, it is used only by women! Well, guessed already? Correctly. Today’s topic of our conversation or reasoning will be introduced about the male genital penis, it is about the methods A quick way to increase a penis, for which in general it is needed, and also to whom it will be required for his later life.

In general, the methods of increasing members began to be practiced as early as in the countries of Asia. There it was necessary for the younger generation of young guys to fertilize females, that is, harems of women and priestesses of love. After all, everyone probably knows and understands that some women were for the comfort, and others for the continuation of the pharaohs or the sheikhs. Although it was often met and such that all the women of the harem had to give birth to one son for his master, that is, the husband and the future father. And imagine, if there are six such women or 10 in general. Here, without A real remedy for a penis enlargement, you can not do without. This meant to fuck every woman, you need at least 10 days. That is, one woman came every night. But in modern medicine it is known that it is useful to have sex from 1 to 4 times a week. Even if you are 17-21, when the peak of hormones is very active, then the maximum weekly sex should not exceed 5 times a week. And here as many as 10. 10 times in 10 days. Quite a lot for any sexual giant. It turns out that for a long time already knew about the existence of A real way to enlarge a member and, most likely, used it.

If you believe the historical data, it could also be that overnight the young sheikh could fuck several of his wives. And all this happened simultaneously. And can we really believe that they did not use All methods and drugs to increase the penis. Very unlikely. It’s hard for me to imagine a man who, without using modern tablets like Viagra, was able to have sex with three boobs at once. And the story says that some sheikhs immediately invited to their apartment up to 4-5 women. And what he did with them, or they with him, nobody knows, one can only guess and reason about it. Historians say that they already knew An ancient way to enlarge a member in those distant times. However, his properties were distributed not by one enlargement of the penis, but by additional male abstinence. That is, having sex with women, sheikhs could control their ejaculation and prevent premature ejaculation. So he fucked one of his women until she did not finish several times to please her. In parallel, while one pussy was on his cock, the other he could lick the clitoris, and two more with his hands to caress the vagina or poke his fingers in the anus. Thus, to process four women and leave them satisfied – there was no problem.

Are there ways to increase a member? This question can lead many to a dead end. However, looking at several centuries ago, in the same Saudi Arabia, it is possible to say with accuracy that yes, there are. Because every sheikh had Augmentation means for a male member. Imagine, is it possible to penis, with a size of 12-15 centimeters, fuck at once 4 women? Yes, after the first, the maximum of the second orgasm, it will fall and will not rise for several hours. Therefore, even then, who there and what they called, priests or doctors, or wizards, it does not matter, it is important that they knew the recipes of long abstinence while having sex, and ways to increase male penises.

Buy a penis enlargement product is now possible in almost every pharmacy or prescribe a prescription for this medicine from your regular doctor. But before doing this, let’s still talk a little about the sheiks. In general, why did they need grief? This is the legalization of prostitution, or what? Or is it just a careful concern for the continuation of his own and noble family. That is, if for today, a person just decided for himself that his sexual dick is not of sufficient size, then he just goes to the doctor and says, they say so and so, doctor, help. I want my penis to be large, not only in a state of erection, but also in the usual recumbent state. And the doctor, judging by the question, is already beginning to offer Buy penis enlargement medicine and methods of solving this situation. He after such a conversation offers his client several options Effective means to enlarge a penis. And the client already chooses what is more suitable for him or what is more convenient in the price segment. Of course, often after such a question, doctors can offer to undergo a medical examination to find out the most effective way to increase the penis. Quite often, such demands of people can cause the doctor to react, that such a plan needs to be made only through surgical intervention. The fact is that if you come to see a doctor, and your body is standing less than 10 centimeters, and you claim that you want as many as 23, then the doctor’s reaction is quite natural. After all, out of 10 centimeters lead to 23, it does not even require one operation. Here, by the way, it would be quite logical to ask a question, but why such a “hose” between your legs is needed? After all, for a European woman it’s enough to have 12-15 centimeters. Nevertheless, the client’s desire is the law. For your money – any whim.

How it works?

To date, there are quite a few means to increase the male body. Now it’s even hard to say which is Effective tool for penis enlargement, because their variety is simply impressive. However, people, recently, increasingly began to give preference, it is for natural ways or the mechanical way to increase the dick. Therefore, the market of goods is so great that it can satisfy any sophisticated buyer, for the sake of such fun as Effective ways to increase a member.

Psychologists say that those men of masculine gender who are swiftly trying to lengthen their penis, and also make it thicker, suffer from a certain mania to everything great. In particular, it was noticed that these people, whose share is about 56%, prefer large clothes, large phones, their car, also has a size above the average. Most often it is either a executive-class car park or a large jeep. But there are also options when it is the most common person who seeks medical help to help him in his personal sex life. After having an organ less than 10 centimeters in a state of erection – this, of course, is not a simple case. Of course, when the question is to make this penis normal about 12-14 centimeters, then there can be no talk about the operation. For these purposes, any Grandfather’s way to increase the size of a member is suitable. In this version, you can use the simplest and safest options for increasing penises. Until then, that there are no medicines in it, this of course entails a lengthy use of different methods to make the term longer. In addition, they need to be performed more than once a day, several procedures for a certain amount of time, which can be installed by your doctor.

After doing a series of exercises, your penis will become a truly normal size and can satisfy any woman in bed. In addition, according to some medical experts, an increase in the penis may also affect the duration of the sexual intercourse. However, quite often it happens that to bring the penis in a state of erection, you have to spend a little more time than it was before the increase. And this is due to the appearance in it or the extension of existing veins and capillaries, which need a little more time for the organ to stand up and start fucking any pussy so that every woman with this pussy just groans from an incredible orgasm!

How to enlarge a member? Often such questions are asked and those people who are only 18 years old. Guys, to you, at your age, why such a thing? Having communicated with the urologists, our editorial staff managed to find out that the young generation wants to increase its dick, even in that condition when it has a length of 15 centimeters! Of course, this answer caused us a smile. After all, in many mature men, a penis in an erudite state can be less than 15 centimeters, for example, 12 or 14. And while all these men have two or three children, and some even have sex on the side with working mistresses, whores, Or just gives someone in a mouth to suck their dick, and then cums right into the throat. On what doctors have answered us, now, this is a kind of a fashion such has gone. And the younger generation often asks How to enlarge a member in a folk way, even without measuring their body in a standing state. Just to date, a lot of sexy clothes. And some guys, like some athletes bodybuilders, like to show off their body parts. Therefore, asking the question How to increase a member of the people’s and taking the shape of youth, you can evaluate the real picture and fully explain the fact of the behavior of progressive youth. What can I say. After all, before, it was not fashionable to apply tattoos at all. Now, fucking heifer with big boobs and fucked ass, which you want to tear off with your dick, and then finish her whole face with your sperm, comes to you, gets into a pose with cancer and says that he wants a tattoo on his left roll with a penis with eggs, And in the perineum – a heart with an arrow. Also what here to do? It’s fashion.

Get Rid of Problems in Sex is Real!

Nevertheless, most of those who are interested in How to increase a member of the people’s means, still consider methods of increasing the term, which are time-tested – the most effective. In fact, it’s hard to argue with them. After all, if we go back to history, to the countries of Asia, we can see how the penises grew up to 30 centimeters long and 8 to 10 centimeters in diameter from a small age. From such a dick, it’s not that a woman will end right away, she can give birth. And if he tries to put it in her mouth, then this chick smacks all his cheeks on himself. Yes, of course, such giants as the elephants were not at all. But on 20 centimeters of a standing penis was enough.

Perhaps the young people began to study history very well? And I decided to go the way of an ancient person and make myself a trunk between the legs, which will begin to hang knee-deep, so Means increasing the penis? If so, did someone consult a girl? What size would it fit? And, probably, not everyone can answer this question. Although if you dream up, you can imagine a dialogue:

– Hello Beautiful!
– Hi cable!
– Let’s fuck,
– Come on! And at you, when costs, how many centimeters your dick?
– Probably about 14 centimeters!

“Phew, I love it when it’s 20, so that I can get it by the tonsils!” Use Means to enlarge a member and when you have at least 18 centimeters, then come close, I’ll give you my cunt so you can fuck me!

Yes, such an open-ended conversation and censorship will not sound from every girl. But in any case, they know approximately what size they are. Behind the scenes, according to unofficial surveys, the female sex prefers medium-sized sizes, but it goes a little beyond. That is, he says that approximately – 14 – 18 centimeters would suit them completely. But there are also those who want to keep a thick penis in their hands and lick his head, making a passionate blowjob to a guy with a big dick.

And yet, if you decided to increase your penis, then surely Order the best means to enlarge your penis. At the moment there are a lot of such funds. And the producers in our years increased. And this is due to the fact that a big penis is fashionable, just like big tits! Probably the most purchased device for the penis is a device that is attached near the head of the penis, is clamped there. And the opposite base rests against the lower part of the abdomen – pubis. With the help of simple movements left to the right you gradually stretch your organ. As a result, in a few months it is quite possible to add several centimeters to it. Penis enlargement – this procedure is not fast, but gradual. Of course, if it’s not about surgical intervention. Therefore, you, my friend should be reserved for patience, strict observance of the massage regime, and also carefully perform all these exercises. Otherwise, the result will stand still.

You can, by the way try Penis enlargement with folk remedies. At the heart of these exercises do not need to resort to additional adaptations. You can do everything yourself. If you look at the upbringing of the young sheikhs, then at the age of 8 they began to prescribe exercises aimed at increasing the penis. To 17 years old his cock was like a horse, and he could already fuck any girl he wanted. So People’s way of increasing a member says that the boy was forced to take his penis near the head itself. A little squeeze it and pull it forward to the state of initial discomfort. Then, when the penis is slightly extended forward, it was withdrawn to the left side, then to the right side. Such Popular ways to increase the penis were developed, practically in all sheikhs, and also it was passed on to their sons. So, when the penis was pulled and turned to one side, he had to keep him in this state for at least 5 minutes. Similarly, on the other side. It is very important to note that the technique of performing this exercise meant the smoothness and slowness of this exercise. Real ways to enlarge the penis are also considered very valuable when you follow them strictly according to the instructions. So after the boy turned the penis one way, then the other and kept him there on each side for 5 minutes, that is, as a result, the total amount of the parties is 10 minutes, at the end of the performance he had to squeeze the entire penis several Minutes, but the head should be slightly extended forward and not pressed. Such Real ways to increase a member were executed, at least twice a day. For many years, until the boy grew up and did not die for 18 years.

To date, this method has become very popular in our days. And some people refer to it as The best way to enlarge a penis. And here it’s hard to argue. Nowadays we decided to try an experiment, this method. True, it is not designed for a short time, but the doctors tried. In the experiment, more than 1,000 guys took part. The size of the penis is not reported. I use this only The best way to increase a member for one year, I was able to increase the average values ??of about 1-2 centimeters. The biggest result was 3.2 centimeters. The most insignificant is 0.8 centimeters. That is, it turns out that The easiest way to enlarge a member also gave a positive effect, even despite a short period of time.

As for today’s youth, her desire to increase the penis is due to the following factors:
1 New fashionable trunks and shorts allow you to emphasize the sexuality of a guy the same way as a girl dressed in a bikini;
2 The work of a young man, connected directly with his sexual appearance. For example, he dances erotic dances in a striptease bar. Naturally, in shorts you should see the outline of a large hose;
3 Probably the most common factor. This is what they just want to surprise their girls, who are fucked in bed with a big penis. It is the student’s years that fall to the peak of this activity and the fashion of the length of the penis.

Therefore, The most effective means to enlarge a penis is very popular among young people during the student years. This is the time when you can go into the women’s room, say hello to everyone, bring a bottle of strong wine and sit next to a beautiful girl and start having fun. In the process of taking alcohol your The most effective way to enlarge a member will still act. Since it is physical exercise and alcohol does not work on it. It is important to note that you need to know the amount of alcohol consumed, since if you consume alcohol a lot, then a member can just not get up! And this will be a real fiasco! Therefore, take this into account and act gradually.

Ways to enlarge a member will help you also fuck several whores at the same time. For example, in the same hostel, when you relax and drink with the girls, you can gently under the table climb one of them under the skirt to look at her reaction. If she does not bring down her legs sharply and will continue to behave as if nothing had happened, stroke her pussy with her fingers or otherwise insolence and climb into her panties to touch the clitoris. If you use Ways to enlarge the penis then continue to act further. For this girl, you will notice that she is ready to push her legs apart and open the gap of her pussy already and right now. Do not rush to look at others. Maybe one more person can climb into her panties. If the girl sitting opposite you, very often smiles, try to get to her cunt with her toe. And imagine, a miracle awaits you here! She takes your feet herself and hands her to a pussy ready for sex pussy. And in general she is without panties! Excites ?! Of course. Since you know Ways to increase a member, and they still affect the duration of the sexual act, then you can be sure that you will cope with these two girls. And what to do when you came, and there were only three? What, you risk and try to third? If so, then you’re a real sexy maniac! If not, then I think what to do with these two and in what positions you will be fucking them!

Ways to increase the penis allow many men to become a very confident person in themselves. After all, the size of the penis is directly proportional to the size of the muscles of the whole body. That is, if a bodybuilder has a huge body weight, he goes with a confident gait among ordinary people. The same situation with guys who have a large penis, when he is in the women’s circle. His confidence also becomes high, because he knows that if it comes to bed, he can easily meet any girl and fuck her like the last whore, thrusting her dick and ass and pussy, and even pushing him into mouth!

Ways to increase the penis of men help, also some find themselves in life. Maybe you’re a real dancer who has not found a place on the professional stage. If you have a good penis size, then go out to the female audience, arrange sexual dances there and show your body. You really believe, women pay very dearly. You will have a huge success among them. You will be invited to truly women’s parties, on which, at least one, may pester you to suck your big dick. Your main task will be to know What ways to increase a member. Because, your penis is your salary. And the more it is, the more you will be popular in women’s circles. So your potential income will grow.

Therefore, dear reader, take care of your penis and use it as directed. Fuck more women, while young. Since in 60 years of this you already will not want so much!