How Do Women Relate to Penis Size?

Is it true that every woman dreams of a man with a large penis? In fact, this is quite contradictory information, which is in fact too overrated.

Men with a large penis do have more sexual acts.

But as it is not surprising, basically it has nothing to do with the size of the penis. It’s just that these men have a genetically more strongly expressed alpha male complex and they are self-confident, that’s why it attracts women. But to have a giant penis is not so good.

Very often, for this reason, women experience unpleasant sensations and even pain during sex. The giant member simply does not interfere with the vagina, stretches it too much and causes microcracks. All this leads to pain and can impede the female orgasm. But do not think that the owners of a small penis are more happy in sex.

If the penis is less than 10 cm in a state of erection, then having sex with such a man is a useless pastime for a woman, because she does not feel anything at all. Who really was lucky, so it’s for men who have a penis 15-17 cm. This is the ideal size for female sex.

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