Horse – a new Christmas gift for Lady GaGa

Horse - a new Christmas gift for Lady GaGaFamous American singer Lady GaGa recently shared her little joy.

As part of the Christmas she receives a huge number of gifts from admirers and fans. Nevertheless, one of a present was so unexpected that even the singer has decided to share his photo. In particular, just yesterday, Lady GaGa has posted Instagram photos with her new Christmas present – namely, a live horse!

The caption to the photo Lady GaGa noticed that she did not expect to see the white of the angel who came down as if from heaven, and was at the threshold of her house. The singer noted that she was extremely pleased and now this presents is sure to be riding on his horse. She also expressed gratitude to the authors of this gift – John Janik and Steve Berman.

Also, Lady GaGa has admitted that has not yet figured out how to call a horse, so at this point it is just called it Sweet Girl. In addition, there is very clear where it will live a new pet singer, although her huge estate space enough to accommodate a whole zoo.