Holly Berry can seize $ 5 million

Holly Berry can seize $ 5 millionMarried couple famous Hollywood actress Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez may condemn to $ 5 million.

In particular, they filed a lawsuit against one of the employees of the airport in Los Angeles. According to the newspaper, the airport officer asked the court to recover from the stellar families compensation for moral and physical damages in the amount of $ 5 million! The man claims that in January 2015, and Olivier Holly attacked him and even threw in a child car seat.

According to the lawsuit, the situation was as follows: in the winter of this year, the star actress and her husband arrived in Los Angeles. However, not having had time to get off the plane, they were immediately surrounded by intrusive paparazzi, who did not allow them to go to the car. Angry Halle Berry and Olivier Martin began to fend off the journalists, but in the end even throw children’s car seats. However, rather than to get into the paparazzi, Oliver threw a chair in the airport workers, thus inflicting damage.

How will the court is not yet known. One thing is for sure, that the money from the star of the family are, in fact according to the media, just to maintain his chest Halle Berry spends more than 120 000 dollars.

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