Halle Berry expects tough divorce

Halle Berry expects tough divorceThe public has not yet think suddenly of the shocking news about the next divorced Halle Berry as the actress has already given a new reason for the tabloids.

Formally, the divorce between Halle Berry and her ex-husband Olivier Martinez had to go through quite civilized. Due to the fact that the couple had a marriage contract, no claims concerning the division of property had no right to make. They are not going to quarrel over children, but at this point there was a bad moment.

Due to the fact that the ex-husband of the actress decided to stay and live in France, and she Holly moved back to California, now the couple can not decide where the children will live. In particular, Halle Berry admitted that now she is afraid of only one – that Olivier will take the children with her to France, so even decided to change all the locks in his house and is afraid to leave their children alone with her ex-husband. Friends of the actress say that Holly seriously began to fear his Olivier. She even insisted that when he visited the children at the meeting is required to close was their nanny.

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