George Clooney was going to leave acting career

05031641One of the most brilliant and magnificent Hollywood actors George Clooney decided to leave their profession.

He has already made an official statement in which he said that he was tired of the profession of an actor and no longer wants to be in the movies. When reporters asked the actor why he decided on such a serious step, he replied that he did not want to appear in the film much older, and in fact now George is already in ’54.

Clooney said his acting roles heroic lovers are no longer comparable with age. Every year it increasingly difficult to play young macho after all the years take their toll, and age does not allow to do it.

Clooney also said that during his career he managed to play in a lot of different roles in order to stay as it would in the memory of viewers. Now he has many other plans that are not related to the movie, which he is going to do in the very near future.