Former boyfriend Beyonce spoke about his affair with the future star

Former boyfriend Beyonce spoke about his affair with the future starThe British edition of the Daily Mail published a very interesting interview with the first boyfriend Beyonce, whose name Lindell Locke.

In an interview with the guy told many interesting things from his youth, the future life of the star R&B.

According to him, the girl has lived since the early years of the stage. The first attempts to start singing she did in the 5-6 years old, and by 12 years of Beyonce did everything in order to make a successful career as a singer. Lindell also noted that an important role in the development of Beyonce’s parents played. They never spared neither time nor money for the development of their daughters and have always supported all of her undertakings. At one point they even went bankrupt, as almost all the money invested in training and development Beyonce.

Lindell Locke also spoke about the first kiss of the future star. It happened when Beyonce was only 13 years old, on the concert famous artist Brian McKnight. The guy said that Beyonc? is already in those years kissed fantastic.

In total, according to Locke, their relationship lasted for about 10 years, after which they broke up. First boyfriend, the singer said that he was now happy that Beyonce happily married to rapper Jay-Z.

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