For 60 Years, the perception of Female Beauty Has Changed a Lot


It’s hard to believe, but back in the 70s of the last century stereotypes about a beautiful female body and appearance were completely different than today.

It is enough to analyze the chronology of changes in fashion trends in clothing, footwear, cosmetics and other spheres, in order to understand how different the average female figure has become.

1. Women have become much higher. At least judging by the size of clothes that modern women wear today, this is really so.

2. Clothes became larger. First of all, it concerns the width of the decollete zone and the waist. Despite all the diets and recipes for weight loss, many women are overweight and therefore are interested in clothes of large sizes. In the middle of the last century, girls were more slender, so they needed smaller items of clothing.

3. Make-up has become more intense and vibrant. Modern women atkivno use makeup, whereas in the XX century natural beauty was valued.