Father added 2 years of age for the official Beyonce

Father added 2 years of age for the official BeyonceMost recently, Mathew Knowles, father of the famous American singer Beyonce, accidentally declassified real age of his daughter. In an interview, he said that Beyonce was born the same year as the famous singer Pink. Muckraking journalists quickly calculated that in view of these circumstances, the age must be Beyonc? is now 36 years old, while officially it is believed that the singer is now 34 years old.

Note that in this interview, the singer’s dad pretty confused not only journalists, but also to all the fans. Continuing the story of the beginning of the career of his daughter, she said that she is the same age as the famous American singer Usher. The fact is that today the rapper 37 years. If you follow the simple logic, we can assume that the actual age of the singer Beyonce is about 36-37 years.

Earlier, in many interviews the singer has repeatedly stated that the official date of her birth is 1981, that is, now she is just 34 years. After the story of his father, these words have come under great doubt among fans and fans of the singer. Note that in spite of the greater activity in social networks, Beyonce herself has yet to respond to this information. Therefore, the army of fans can only guess at how many actually age the singer.

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