Fasting for Weight Loss Can Be Dangerous

Many girls and boys to make their body as beautiful as possible, sometimes use very unusual ways of losing weight.

For example, today in many magazines on dietetics you can find recommendations on how to quickly lose weight by fasting.

There are certain theories and techniques that confirm the effectiveness of this method. But how safe is it for health?

We decided to ask this question to the doctors and that’s the answer they received. It turns out that fasting for weight loss not only does not give a good result, but it can be very dangerous for health.

When the body does not receive the necessary micronutrients through its food, it suffers a deficit. In terms of calorie deficit this is useful, but here the lack of vitamins and minerals even for several days can disrupt the functionality of internal organs and cause chronic diseases. By the way, when you lost weight after a hunger strike, do not rush to enjoy it. As soon as you start to eat, the body will accumulate excess fat in double volume due to stress.