Duchess of Cambridge Catherine wants to work in a news publication department

Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, being a mother of two children, is very concerned about the topic, which deals with children’s psychological disorders, therefore, under its patronage are several centers where children are being treated with such diseases.

But, as it became known, Katherine is going to take a post in the news department of one of the most popular titles, so, it will be possible to read in the news column any questions concerning vital issues. To help her in this will be well-known authors of publications in which they talk about the psychological diseases in adults and children.

Participation in this event, Catherine received the support of the American president’s wife, Michelle Obama, who believes that such a proposition is necessary for many people with mental illnesses. Duchess already had to be present at a meeting of the editorial company, which addressed all provided its materials, study their contents and check for readiness to start broadcasting.