Doctors disagreed, coffee is harmful or helpful

29021612What could be better than a hot cup of coffee, which is used to drink in the morning, many residents of our planet.

Moreover, everyone has his own taste, some prefer to cook it with cinnamon, some use milk, while many enjoy the usual black coffee. For a long time there is a lot of controversy about the drink, he brings benefit or harm, and each time the doctors opinions differ on this issue.

Some of them argue that coffee negatively affects the nervous system and affect the functioning of the heart, whereas others believe that one cup of coffee, drunk during the day, on the contrary a positive effect on the work of many human organs, as well as helping to increase the pressure of the people who have it reduced. However, some medical professionals, nevertheless, did not advise him to start drinking. But, despite this, in all the cities of different countries, all the more open the coffee house where people are happy to come in during the day to sit and chat over a cup of coffee to his friends.

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