Do not Hurry To Grow Up – Stay A Child!

Often we are accused of behaving like children, when our age is far from being a child.

A society that dictates its stereotypes and rules sometimes creates a certain pattern according to which every person, after reaching a certain age, must become an adult and serious.

But sometimes, after all, there is a desire to arrange a battle with pillows with friends, ride a skateboard or do some pleasant stupidity. If you have such a rush of emotion – do not stop it! Scientists say that people who behave like children grow older much less. This scientific fact was proved by several clinical studies.

It turns out that the psychological process of aging is launched precisely by our brain. But if you find occasions for children’s fun and actively spend time, then your brain ages much more slowly, hence the general aging process of the whole organism slows down. Of course, everything should be within reasonable limits, but being a big child is sometimes useful to each of us.