Directed by the Wachowski first appeared in public after sex change

0404163Author of “The Matrix” Wachowski Lilly, which recently changed its floor for the first time appeared in public.

Lilly, which was previously called Andy, now a woman. Recall that the Wachowski directors with an interval of several years, both changed their sex and turned the brothers in sisters.

It is noteworthy that this is the first appearance of Lilly Wachowski in a new image. She has appeared on quite popular lately GLAAD Media Awards. The director, who lifted not only the matrix, but also “Cloud Atlas” and many other films with his brother (sister). The presence of this award on Lilly was no accident, because she was given an award for a film called “The Eighth feeling” conquered the hearts of many movie fans around the world.

As already known, in 2012, the eldest of the brothers Wachowski, Larry turned out in Lana, having a sex change from male to female. And recently, the younger brother also said that he decided to become a woman.

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