Dental shock of Madonna!

Dental shock of Madonna!The most famous and scandalous singer Madonna, in spite of his rather impressive age, never ceases to amaze the audience with their new fads.

Currently, Madonna is in Spain – in Barcelona, ??where it passes tour. On Thanksgiving Day after a concert singer filmed the photographers when she had dinner in a restaurant with their children.

And everything would be fine, but that’s just the photographers surprised teeth singer. Apparently, Madonna has decided to return to fashion for the steel tips on the teeth “grillzy.” Recall that in the ’90s, these dental plates were quite popular among young people. Even the Madonna then appeared in them in one of his videos. Moreover, it is the example of Madonna lining the teeth were worn by many famous stars of music and now movies, including Beyonce, Rihanna, and even Justin Bieber. What’s in this time prompted Madonna to take this step, but still a day of thanksgiving, remains a mystery.