Children’s Health Depends on the Power of their Fathers

Power women preparing for the appearance of a baby is a topic that has already raised more than once.

And they will be conducted various studies, the purpose of which – to identify the optimal combination of trace elements and vitamins, which should be in the diet of expectant mother.

But recently were unexpected results. Question diet expectant fathers previously been given undeservedly little attention, but it is now known that the health of the baby depends on the power of his father prior to conception.

The study, which allowed to make such findings was conducted by researchers from one of the most famous institutions of higher learning in Canada – McGill University, located in Montreal. Experiments on mice have shown that the health of individuals born to male mice with a lack of folic acid significantly inferior to those of mice offspring without such health problems. They are significantly more likely to have birth defects, such as skull and spine changes.

Similar results are natural and the human body. These findings were published in the journal Nature Communications. It gives reason to recommend folic acid supplements for men who are preparing to conceive. Previously, it was prescribed only to women at the stage of planning of pregnancy.