Children Always Feel Good People

In adulthood, we are constantly confronted with such a concept as hypocrisy and insincerity.

Adult people constantly weave intrigues, create various rumors and lead a double life, so it’s difficult to really understand how sincere and frank the person is.

But in young children this feeling is more active and therefore they always feel good without a dirty trick. For example, if an adult does good to the child sincerely, then the kid will necessarily see and appreciate it.

Children do not know how to lie yet, so they see hypocrisy very quickly and it repels them from the person. No gifts or fake care can not help if you do something insincere for the child.

Children always feel when they are really loved, and when they just pretend. That’s why, if you know how to find a common language with children, if they love you and are constantly attracted to you, then you really love them and are a good person. This is a truth that has no other opinions, because it is proven by life.

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