Chess Develops Intelligence in Child

Intellectual development of the child is an important task for parents.

That set of knowledge and skills that will help him in adulthood, you need to gradually accumulate from the very early childhood.

To improve IQ and the level of logical thinking, it’s very good to use regular chess. Despite its age, chess is one of the most unique table games of mankind. Playing in them from childhood, the child will be able to develop memory, improve logic, form strategy and tactics.

This is certainly not only a pleasant, but also a useful pastime, which should be of interest to the child. The optimal age for starting to teach a child to chess is 6 years. This board game is especially useful for hyperactive children, who find it difficult to stay in one place for a long time and because of this they have problems in school. Definitely, chess should become an indispensable home game in your family.