Cartier released a new jewelery collection

1708165Jewelry is an essential attribute of every stylish and modern way, and for many women it becomes a real delicacy, which is very difficult to fight.

That’s why each new collection of fashionable products from gold and precious stones always causes great excitement among connoisseurs of all beautiful. For example, the other day another collection of jewelry from trendy jewelry house Cartier has become a real sensation.

As part of the presentation of the collection, entitled Magicien, Cartier company held a great deal of work to translate into reality all the most interesting and unusual design ideas.

Luxury necklaces and bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings from Cartier are striking for its originality and unique style. Virtually every product gemstone processing has been done with such precision and detail that is simply amazing the unprepared viewer.

It is noteworthy that the face of a new advertising campaign Cartier became famous German fashion model Toni Garrn.