Cameron Diaz published the photo without makeup

0404164Cameron Diaz manages to amaze his fans and fans for many years.

Despite the fact that the actress for 43 years, its external data and beauty so unique that led many to question the naturalness.

However, a few days ago, Cameron decided to destroy all the myths and rumors about what she always handles your photos using Photoshop, and over the way the special make-up work. Daring and bold Cameron Diaz published the photo without makeup.

This photo the actress has decided to answer all the critics and prove by example that with the right diet and lifestyle girl can be beautiful and sexy at any age. In addition, such a move was a good advertisement for the new book about healthy food and lifestyle, which Cameron wrote.

Judging by the photos, Cameron Diaz can really give odds to many young girls. In his later years, it looks amazing!

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