Caffeine in High Doses Can Cause Depression

1011167Excessive consumption of coffee or products containing caffeine can cause depression or aggravate it.

Experts say that most fans of coffee have a strong attachment to this drink and can not fully feel the morning, if you do not drink at least one cup of coffee.

According to experts, this addiction to coffee can be compared to smoking. In this case, the person invigorates not only caffeine but also the process of consumption of the drink, which is a lot like even some ritual.

However, if the amount of caffeine in the body will continue to increase, then the person runs the risk of depression or other psychological disorders. This is primarily due to the fact that the refusal of the coffee gives him a feeling of weakness, bad mood, headaches and other symptoms.

Coffee – healthy beverage, but its use should be normalized and only then you can count on good health.

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