Britney Spears loves to paint topless

2501162Famous American singer Britney Spears shared in an interview features leisure activities.

In particular, Britney called one of his favorite hobby – painting. According to the singer, he loves not only sing, but also to draw. It’s like she was a child, and when she grew up, it has not lost the love of paintings and drawings. It is noteworthy that especially for this Britney Spears has equipped in his house an art room where it can be closed from all over the world and create masterpieces of art.

According to Britney, now she really likes to paint a variety of natural landscapes, such as the leaves of the trees. But the interesting thing is that Spears likes to draw with naked breast. Singer notes that the drawing topless allows you to awaken all the passion and emotion, and throw it all on the web. And Britney draws not only on canvas but also on the walls.