Britney managed to lose weight!

Britney managed to lose weight!Poor thing Britney Spears in the past few years, all blamed for the fact that it is very much gained weight and lost shape.

Of course, this was preceded by a number of factors. In particular, Spears was pregnant, and then for a long time in a state of prolonged depression and even treated for alcohol and drug addiction. Naturally, such a lifestyle much “spoiled” the figure of the singer. After earning extra kilos, Britney caused outrage among the army of fans who dreamed again and see a slender and beautiful girl.

A few months ago Britney Spears has been actively engaged in sports and strength on a diet. As a result, a few days ago, it has shown very good results over the other, appearing in a stylish dress and good figure. In one of the videos dedicated to Christmas, Britney Spears appeared in all its glory. Social network users immediately noticed an amazing change in the figure of a girl, and praised her for her work on the other.