Beyonce’s new song blames her husband’s infidelity?

270420165The new album is the famous American singer Beyonce whose name «Lemonade», rather quickly climbed to the top of many music charts.

Nevertheless, the album on the Internet provoked a scandal, because the singer’s fans are considered the hidden meaning in the words of the new songs Beyonce.

At the moment, the global Internet community is actively discussing the topic that, in my new songs directly Beyonce hints that her husband Jay-Z cheated on her with other women. This topic very quickly gained wild popularity in all public servers and on forums, some fans even have to try to guess with whom Jay-Z cheated on his wife. Among possible candidates named Rihanna, Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez and many others. To what extent this is true, we can only guess.

By the way, you can manually try to read the hidden meaning in the lyrics of Beyonc?, listening to her new album «Lemonade».