Beyonce and Jay-Z on the brink of a divorce?

2503165One of the most beautiful and colorful couples in show business world seems may soon cease to exist.

Singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z are likely in the coming days will be announced officially that the divorce. At the very least, this information spread by many famous magazines citing informants close to the family. According to them, the couple’s relationship stalled. Neighbours living near the family apart, say that Jay-Z and Beyonce are often began to quarrel and shout at each other. Moreover, the scandals have become so strong that several times from the windows of the house flew clothes, utensils and even some home furnishings.

Friends of the family is aware that divorce for this family is further complicated by the fact that they have to share a huge multi-million dollar property and savings banks, which were accumulated during cohabitation. Most likely, the divorce will be delayed for several years and will result in a large number of counter-claims and appeals.

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