Beauty Secrets Tina Kandelaki

311151Leading the show “Smartest” today tell how she manages to live in such a frantic pace and still look fresh and well-groomed. According to Kandelaki, you must adhere to simple rules that help to always look attractive.

Take care of themselves, always. The earlier a woman begins to do this, the better. In this case, most importantly, do not be lazy. As soon as there is a free moment, try to pamper your body and face. You can go to a beauty salon or make their own beauty treatments.
Yet it is important to actively engage in sports, yoga, regular visits to the swimming pool. In this case also important to regularly. The body constantly must be in good shape. Remember, exercise slows the aging process. Also, after exercise, you will feel the mad rush of strength and energy.

It is important to monitor the condition of their hair. Example best taken with Frenchwomen. They never go out of the house without perfectly coiffed hair. Hair condition – is that always catches the eye. In short, provide adequate care to their hair.

Do not forget to eat right. A balanced and proper nutrition – a pledge of youth and longevity. Yet it must be remembered that it is better to eat little but often.

By itself every woman simply must be treated with love. Do not worry because of the shortcomings of the exterior. They have all, even the stars. People with perfect appearance simply does not exist, but a flaw – it is our personality.

Kandelaki actively use homemade recipes beauty. To scrub can be used coffee grounds, and to moisturize the skin – olive oil. These funds are not worse than all kinds of expensive cosmetics. Kandelaki confesses that she actively enjoyed homemade recipes when she had little money.

It is useful to make salt baths for hands. This procedure prevents skin aging hands. Dishes should always wash gloves and use a moisturizing cream. It hands the most exposed to aging.
More salt Bathrooms excellent relieve pain in muscles after exercise. Salt baths great tone.

Note Kandelaki does not use salt. Even in the restaurant for her prepare fresh dishes. It is from your diet are also excluded: bread, sweet and fatty. Sometimes she can afford a little honey. Tina once a week to arrange fasting days. On this day, you can only drink water with honey and lemon. Lead is extremely strict and demanding on yourself.

Tina Kandelaki – a vivid example of the fact that under no circumstances of life do not need to give up. Every woman should have a proactive stance and constantly improve themselves. Only in this case, you can succeed.

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