Beauty Secrets Olga Kurylenko

610151It’s hard to find someone who does not know who played James Bond girl. Yes, it is Olga Kurylenko – Actress and model. This is a very beautiful woman with perfect natural data and proportions. Today she tells all her feminine wiles.
1. Confidence. A woman who is confident in themselves and their own abilities always stands out from the crowd. Typically, these women are very stylish and attractive. It is very important for a woman to learn to live in harmony with each other.
2. It is better to bet on the natural beauty. Kurylenko, as each woman before going to the light can spend a lot of time in the mirror. But in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it. You do not need to use too much makeup. Total should be in moderation.
3. Protect yourself from the sun. Lovely women must be protected from the sun your skin and hair. No need to lie in the sun to blackness. From this the skin can become dry and loose. On the hair ultraviolet rays also have a negative effect – hair begins to fade and split.
4. Hair care Kurylenko very carefully, because her hair is experiencing a huge load. Hair should be regularly moisturizing oil and use the balm. Yes, Olga on the nature of the thick and beautiful hair, but that’s no reason not to take care of them. As for the color of hair, the actress prefers dark tones.
5. Now let’s talk about sports – the actress uses the services of a coach. For the role of Camille Kurylenko performed endurance exercise (this required role). But the actress still loves a lot of walking, dancing. Maybe that’s why she has no problems with being overweight.
6. The woman is beautiful at any age. It is necessary to accept the idea that the stop time is not subject to anyone, so it is best to age beautifully. How assures Kurylenko, it will make every effort to stay longer young.
7. Healthy Eating. We need to stick to a balanced diet, unfortunately, is not always possible to follow it during filming. From time to time, Olga takes nutritional supplements and vitamins that support the skin, hair and nails in good condition.
8. The stress must be fought. The best ways to Olga discovered: a trip with friends on nature walks in the park, reading a book or watching a movie.
9. In order to be cheerful and energetic is necessary to carry out 5 simple rules: drink plenty of water, eat right, sleep at least 8 hours a day, do not smoke or drink. Yet it is very important for every person to love life and enjoy every passing day.

Olga Loves Experiments!

As the actress herself declares, from childhood she was prone to various experiments and changes in her appearance. First of all it concerned hair. Being the owner of long and thick hair, the actress without any hesitation agreed to a short haircut for the filming of the film “Hitman.” Unlike many Hollywood celebrities and film colleagues, Olga prefers minimal makeup, but constantly strives to add something new and unusual to him. Olga Kurylenko can definitely be an example for many girls who care about their beauty.

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